What is a ReviewBoard Review?

Reviews are brief and timely written works (350—600 words) that have not been previously published (or submitted) elsewhere that respond to:
— A visual art exhibition physically experienced by the writer,
— an art performance / art event or
— a review of Australian art books published within the last 2 years and currently available.

The artist, gallery, exhibition space location and dates must accompany each review (or in the case of Australian art books, the writer, publisher etc).

Reviews are accompanied by the reviewers’ own, original photographs (4—6 images with at least one installation view). Images must be clear, representative, engaging and framed well for digital publication (square format for Instagram preferred) with a file size below 6MB). The Managing Editor will choose which supplied images are used and may if necessary crop for social media formats.

The author’s name will be published with their Review.

The Managing Editor may approve some exceptions to the general criteria determined by unique individual circumstances. Due to the volume received we are unable to commit to providing detailed editorial feedback for every submission.

A ReviewBoard review is independent without conflict of interest. Reviews by associated people such as the curator, artist, gallery director, publicist or intimate relation of the artist will not be considered. Please contact the Managing Editor if you require clarity.

A ReviewBoard review is published by The ReviewBoard Incorporated, a not-for-profit organisation incorporated under the Australian Associations Incorporation Reform Act.

What is a LongBoard Review?

The LongBoard review is a longer form essay review published intermittently on The ReviewBoard. The LongBoard review is by invitation only, either via direct invitation or pitch proposal to the Editor’s desk.

Who writes for the ReviewBoard?

Invited Contributors (writers specifically commissioned and recompensed by The ReviewBoard) & Open Submission Contributors (writers who share our vision of broadening the discussion of Australian art. Whilst Open Submission Contributors are unsolicited and not recompensed, it is a key priority to increase the amount of paid commissioned reviews as much as ongoing fundraising allows).

The ReviewBoard mission is support Australian artists nationally and internationally and encourage submitting contributors from every state and territory, with particular interest in Australian artists exhibiting abroad.

Our emphasis is to support Australian writers and artists practicing in Australia and internationally and so foreign writers’ reviews of Australian artists exhibiting internationally are warmly encouraged. Diversity of opinion, practice, background and location are prime factors in communicating Australian creative content to our readers.

The writers of all published reviews (whether written by Invited Contributors or Open Submission Contributors) will be supported and promoted by The ReviewBoard.

What is the ReviewBoard’s Editorial Approach?

The writer’s original voice / style will be respected however the Managing Editor may edit text for correction, clarity and word count.

Scheduling of publication will be managed by the Managing Editor and there will generally be one review per exhibition / body of work published (unless counterpoint reviews are deemed appropriate by the Managing Editor).

Reviews must be timely and will be published as soon as possible after opening. As a guide we will aim for publishing within the first three weeks of a long duration show. If it is a short-term show the review must be received within the few days. E.g., For a 2-week show the review must be written and published in the first few days. A one weekend only show will see the review required and published on day 1 or at preview.

The ReviewBoard will not publish advertorials or media releases or promotional content written by the subject of the review or their intimate relations, family or professional team including gallerists, publishers and curators. Personal and professional relationships relating to the subjects reviewed must be adequately disclosed.

Contributors must submit their by-line for listing on the ‘Our Writers’ page & provide their social media handles if they wish to be tagged on social media platforms.

Contributors can suggest specific hashtags e.g.: artist name, art style, pertinent descriptions, mediums, quip, etc., but the Managing Editor will ultimately be responsible for final selection.

On social media platforms the Initials of contributors may be utilised on reviews if space restrictions become restrictive. e.g., MS

Reviews will be posted on one or all social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) or not all but in all cases the decision if, when and where to post is solely at the discretion of The ReviewBoard.

Who owns the Review if it is published?

As creators’ contributors may be entitled to the rights of attribution and integrity in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968 and whenever a review is published on the website the Contributor’s full name and their by-line provided by them shall be displayed. (Social media postings may sometimes not include a contributor’s full name but instead initials due to length limitations).

By submitting on The ReviewBoard writer’s portal you are irrevocably and exclusively licensing the material you have created and submitted for publication by The ReviewBoard (Australian not-for-profit incorporated association) in all mediums and territories. This means you grant The ReviewBoard an exclusive and irrevocable licence to use and publish the Review (text and accompanying images) digitally (on The ReviewBoard website), including within the archive subscription (paywall) section, on social media channels and also in hard copy ReviewBoard publications such as anthologies. Reviews may be used in ReviewBoard marketing materials.

If a contributor wishes to cause or effect the publication or posting of the review anywhere else in any format the written agreement of The ReviewBoard is required, and that the publication acknowledges The ReviewBoard as specified.

Reviews may be published via:

The ReviewBoard website: Reviews will appear publicly on The ReviewBoard website and move to the Archive section after the close of the exhibition date.

Social Media: Reviews may be posted on social media platforms (including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). The decision if, when and where to post is solely and always at the discretion of The ReviewBoard. Generally one post per exhibition / body of work will be posted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and / or LinkedIn.

The Managing Editor will extract text to use in the caption, and the post will directly lead back to the full review on the TRB website:
— The Instagram handle is @the.reviewboard
— The LinkedIn page is The-Reviewboard
— The Facebook page is The ReviewBoard
— The Twitter handle is @the_reviewboard

Managing Editor will select hashtags in caption using 6—11 hashtags per post. Instagram allows 30 hashtags max. Recurring hashtags: #TheReviewBoard #AustralianArt #ContemporaryArt plus relevant artist, gallery/institution, performance space business, geolocation etc.

Hard Copy: The ReviewBoard publications such as anthologies.

Will I be paid for my review if it’s published digitally?

The ReviewBoard is a not-for-profit incorporated association. The ReviewBoard takes effort to pay as many writers as possible. We make payment for all commissioned pieces from invited contributors with aspiration to increase the quantity of commissioned reviews as funding allows.

If you are an Invited Contributor you will receive a writer’s fee.

Invited Contributor’s will be required to provide a tax invoice inclusive of GST status and ABN (if applicable).

The ReviewBoard does not carry any insurance of any kind on behalf of its’ Contributors and does not pay any expenses of any kind on behalf of its’ Contributors. All Contributor’s are solely responsible for their own insurance including public liability insurance.

Open Submission Contributor’s selected for publication by The ReviewBoard do not receive a fee, but we aspire to pay as many writers as future fundraising allows.

Will I be paid for my review if it’s published in hardcopy?

Reviews selected for reproduction in hard copy publications such as The ReviewBoard Anthology or similar will generally not be eligible for additional payment but may be depending on the budget achieved for the specific project.

Discussion boards: Readers space for public response

Readers of The ReviewBoard are encouraged to respond to published pieces via our online ‘Response’ comment portals.

The ‘Response’ section provides an important forum for lively, respectful reader debate and discussion. Opposing well-formulated viewpoints are welcomed. No personal information, inappropriate language, vilification, threats or breaches of privacy will be published.

The Reader must create a verified log-in account to leave a public comment and no comments will be published from anonymous accounts.

Comments will be moderated and The ReviewBoard is not obliged to publish every comment or response.

Privacy and Security

The ReviewBoard Incorporated holds and utilises personal information provided by the user for the declared purpose only such as sending communications, news, events as related to: Subscriber, Email Mailing List, Comments, Writer, Contributor, Advertiser, Supporter, and any other purpose as publicly described.

The ReviewBoard Incorporated will not disclose personal information to third parties. The ReviewBoard Incorporated will not sell personal information provided by the user.

The ReviewBoard Incorporated utilises third party software applications to process financial transactions. Your financial details are encrypted through secure servers and are not stored by The ReviewBoard.


All images, articles and information provided on this website remain the copyright of The ReviewBoard Incorporated, Authors and Artists unless otherwise noted. Permission is granted for viewing and downloading for personal and not for profit purposes. Individuals or organisations wishing to publish or reproduce any materials for commercial, educational or other uses are requested to contact The ReviewBoard management on desk@thereviewboard.com.au.


The ReviewBoard Incorporated reserves the right to delete any text, comment or other article deemed to be in contravention of the defamation laws of Australia.