The ReviewBoard is an incorporated not-for-profit cultural organisation established in 2020 to create a digital publishing platform supporting Australian art and critical writing. We invite critical and considered reviews, through both a voluntary open submission process, and through specific payment of commissioned writers. Informing this is our over-riding ambition to support as many writers as possible, in a variety of ways.

As legacy print media further retreats from its valuable role of critically appraising Australian art exhibitions, digital platforms are emerging to pick up the gauntlet. We see The ReviewBoard as front and centre in this evolving future.

Our platform publishes real-time independent reviews by a diverse range of writers from varying stages of their careers, visiting exhibitions in cities, regional areas, remote areas, international presentations of Australian art – in central creative hubs and off the beaten track – to develop an honest understanding and appreciation of art and culture through a visual arts lens. Art reviews will be timely, frequent, with broad geographical coverage.


Our purpose is to foster, develop and elevate the discourse and discipline of critical art writing. We believe this is the best way to encourage dialogue, build audiences and encourage visitation to Australian presentations both nationally and internationally. The ReviewBoard is a first of its kind in Australia, we will not operate for profit nor depend on advertising, our fundraising model will encourage supporters with real interest in the arts.

Our focus remains on arts, ideas, engagement, bringing art conversations back to the mainstream.

The Board

Our Founding team comprises a collection of friends and colleagues, experienced and enthused individuals from across the visual arts sector – practitioners, managers, supporters – who have listened to and now hope to amplify conversations around the support of critical and serious art writing focusing on real-time Australian art exhibitions and presentations.

In 2021 we welcomed Eloise Hastings (New South Wales) and Josephine Marshall (Tasmania) to the board. Their enthusiasm and commitment to Australian cultural life will be a valuable addition to The ReviewBoard's governance and growth.

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